Essay On Importance of Education in Our Life

Essay On Importance of Education

Essay on importance of education – Below is the essay on importance of education in 500 words that tells the importance of education in life and how it helps people to evolve, get skilled and lead a very good life in society.

Essay the Importance of Education

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

The above quote aptly says education is a weapon for improving one’s life. For a child, education begins at home and continues to lifetime and ends with death. Education is the sole basis and a valuable asset for humans to improve knowledge, get skilled, and to develop personality and attitude. It also helps in their employment to get a very good job.

There are many articles written every day on importance of education. In this essay let us see the importance of education in society and life.

Lets Us Understand What Actually Education Means

In simple words, education means gaining knowledge. In broader terms, it can be said as gaining various skills in multiple fields that are essential to our life and very existence. These skills can be gained through formal education and informal education. Formal Education generally includes classroom education. The things we learn and ingest during lifespan is informal education.

Importance of Education in Life 

Let us imagine a world without education. Where we never have worn clothes or eating good food. Probably we will be hunting animals for flesh and roaming in forest areas. In this case, there would be no point in education and you won’t be reading this article too.

Thus, education played an important role in the evolution of humans. Whatever we learn in our childhood stays with us and will be throughout our lifetime. Skills that we acquire during our life helps us to stay alive. Education trains us to read and write. Generally, we store information by writing. Thus, it makes a person literate. Many say that education and wealth are closely related as skills of high paying jobs that education provides. Communication also plays a role in education. Communication helps improve the speech of a person. It helps the individual in learning technical skills for using technology. Education teaches individual discipline, manners, respect towards other human beings, and helps in realizing the value of time and money. Moreover educated people are more mature to choose life of his/her choice.

Importance of Education in Society

Education helps in spreading knowledge in society. It helps in transferring of knowledge from generation to generation thereby contributing better civilization to society. Individuals like doctors, police, teachers, etc are educated, people.  As there are hundreds and thousands of things surrounding us that are made with modern technical knowledge of these technical things that can be achieved through education. It also helps in improving the advanced technology. 

The literacy rate of India is 74.04% in contrast to 86.3% literacy rate of the world according to the 2020 population census. A well literate nation makes a great nation. Teaching uneducated through even informal education is also better than no education. 

Some Sources of The Formal Educations 

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Private tuitions
  • Internet 

Some Important Features of Education 

Education, as empowers everyone in many areas, includes 

  • Poverty Reduction
  • Establish a relationship
  • Security and safety against crime
  • Law and order 
  • Communication


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