Save Water Save Life Essay in 1000 Words

Save Water Save Life

Save Water Save Life Essay 1000 words: Water is one of the most important components for survival. Below is an article on save water save life with an essay with images.

Essay on save water save life in 1000 Words

Like Air-water is also essential for survival. Water is present everywhere. It is present in the air as water vapor, above the earth in clouds and in oceans, rivers, ice, plants, and living organisms. It is also present inside the earth. Earth’s surface is covered by water 71 percent. 

About 332.5million cubic miles is the world’s total water supply. Of this, over 96 percent contains saline water and the rest is fresh water.  About 68 percent of the total freshwater is locked up in ice and glaciers. Remaining 30 percentage of freshwater is in the ground. Freshwater which is present in the surface water sources like rivers, lakes is about 22,300 cubic miles. Below is a bar chart that shows the complete water presence in, above, and on the earth.

water percent graph


From the above bar chart

  • The first bar shows only 2.5% of Earth’s water is freshwater and this water is useful for survival.
  • The second bar shows how this freshwater is again breakdown. Out of this freshwater, only 1.2% is surface freshwater. 
  • The last bar shows how this surface freshwater breakdown.out of the total surface freshwater 69% found in ice, 20.9% found in lakes, 0.49% found in rivers.

Rivers are the most available places of freshwater for humans even though they are available in less quantity. From the above details, it is clear that only a small portion of water out of 71% of the earth’s water is available for drinking. As the freshwater present is in less quantity there is a need for everyone to save the water which interns help in saving lives. As the population is increasing day by day the need for water is more. Water should be preserved as the supply is less.

Water has equal importance as air for survival. All the living forms on the earth like insects, plants, human beings, animals require water for consumption, and for their daily activities. Water available is of two forms like potable and non-potable. Potable water is fresh and is useful for drinking. Non – potable water is used for cleaning, washing, and cooking. Water is also used for agricultural purposes like irrigation, farming, and harvesting.

 Many water resources are destroyed in the past few years. On the other face due to global warming and an increase in population, it is important to save water. The need to preserve water is crucial and everyone should be sensible of it.  The shortage of water leads to water scarcity. Some reasons for cause of the water scarcity are natural and man-made factors.

water scarcity disaster

Natural causes creating a scarcity of water 

  • Scanty rainfall
  • Soil contamination

Human-made factors creating a scarcity of water

  • Industrialization
  • Urbanization
  • Rapid utilization of water resources
  • Water Pollution

How to overcome water scarcity problem

This scarcity of water caused by nature and humans may lead to crises such as droughts. To overcome this crisis and meet people’s needs the government should impose strict initiatives in saving water. These initiatives may include rainwater harvesting, reuse of water, and roof water harvesting.  

Some disastrous effects caused due to Scarcity of water 

No access to Drinking Water

When water scarcity occurs people may not find freshwater for drinking. Thus this may affect various factors like hunger, improper body growth, poverty etc.  Let’s see them as below

Hunger rises

As there is no water it would be difficult in growing crops which may lead to no availability of food. Thus people, as well as animals, are also affected by hunger and this may lead to their death.

Migration to Other Places

With no water, people may not find drinking water and they may not be able to farm. Thus survival at that place becomes hard so, people try to move to different places for there survival.

Education issues

Due to insufficient drinking, water children may fall sick. Without good health children cannot go to school. Thus water scarcity also affects people to get an education.

15 Best Ways to Save Water and Save Life

  1. Check the toilets for leakages
  2. Don’t use toilets as an ashtray or wastebasket.
  3. Take short showers
  4. Education on water necessity
  5. Recycle water
  6. Use fewer chemicals in farming
  7. Improve the sewage system
  8. Use advanced techniques to conserve water 
  9. Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth 
  10. Turn off the tap while shaving
  11. Try to wash dishes with hands by storing water in a tub instead of running water from the tap.
  12. Check all the pipe and coupling leakages 
  13. Plant the trees and plants that thrive without irrigation
  14. Stop children from playing with sprinklers.
  15. Use automatic washing machines only for full loads

Benefits of Water Conservation

  • Conservation of water helps in reduction of water wastage.
  • Helps in recycling the waste water
  • saves environment
  • Helps in protecting drinking water



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