Data Interpretation Pie Chart

Data Interpretation Pie Chart

Data interpretation of the pie chart is the representation of data in a circle that is divided into various sectors. These sectors are constructed in such a way that the area of each sector is proportional to the corresponding magnitude of the data represented by the sector.

Some useful points in data interpretation of pie chart:

  • Here, different sectors in a pie chart are considered as component parts.
  • In a pie chart component parts are expressed in 3 types.
  1. Either component values in percentages.
  2. The fractional ratio of respective total value given.
  3. Sector angle of respective total value given
  • Since the pie chart is a circle and it has 360 degrees at its center which are equal to 100% of component values when added.
  • 100% of component values represented on the pie chart are equal to 360 degrees angle of the pie chart.
    100%=360 degrees
    1%=3.6 degrees

So, when the percentage of component values is given they can be converted to a degree by multiplying each of the percentage values with 3.6 degrees.

The formula for the angle of a sector:

But when component/sector value is not given in percentage then component/sector values can be represented by using the below the angle of sector formula.

angle of a sector

Example problem:

Below pie chart shows the percentage of the number of students enrolled in a school / in different activities.

data interpretation pie chart

To convert the pie chart into degrees we need to do the following conversions:

Total Percentage Degree
Red cross 10 36
NCC 5 18
Human resource development club 10 36
Debating club 25 90
Eco club 20 72
Scout 30 108

Formula to find the percentage of a sector when the angle of the sector is given

percentage of a sector

Example problem:
Let us consider the Red Cross-sector from the above example

Percentage of Red Cross Sector=10
Total value is (Total Angle)=360 degrees
Therefore, the angle of the Red Cross sector=(10/100) ×360=36 degrees

Formulas to find the angle of a sector when the percentage of the sector is given

angle of sector

Example problem:
For this Red Cross-sector only let us consider the resultant angle 36 degrees and find percentage.

The angle of Red Cross sector=360 degrees
Total value is (Total percentage value)=100%
Percentage of Red Cross sector=(36/360)  × 100=10%

Data interpretation pie chart example question with the solution:

Study the following pie chart given here which represents a domestic expenditure of family in percentage and answer the following questions. Total months income of the family is 55,750 rupees

pie chart data interpretation


  1. House rent per month is

12/100 × 55,750

  1. The annual savings in the form of provident fund is

(13/100)  × (55750 ×12)

Annual PF savings=13% of (55750 ×12)

  1. The total amount per month, the family spends on food & entertainment combined together is

(18%+9%) ×55750

⇒ 27/100 ×55750

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