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Concepts Of Wages

Concepts of Wages are explained below fro basics with formulas and examples. Define the Concept of Wages? Wages are given in proportion to work done and...

Concepts Of Ages

All the concepts related to ages are discussed below with conditions and cases Problems on ages are generally asked based on 3 situations Age some years...

Concepts Of Compound Interest

Compound interest concepts-based problems are frequently asked in most competitive exams. Simple Interest concept also with its basic knowledge makes it easier. Learning squares...

Concepts Of Simple Interest

Simple interest concepts also helps in solving the problems related to that of compound interest also. All questions based on Simple interest can be...

Profit And Loss Concepts

Profit, loss, and discount concepts is majorly involved in business transactions. Its concept helps in solving different life situations. Basics in the percentage concept...

Percentage Concept

The percentage concept has a major role in almost all the chapters of arithmetics.So mastering this concept helps in solving questions of topics from...

Boats And Streams Concept

Boats and streams Concept questions come to are special types of time and distance problems. By using different tricks, Concepts, and tactics for boats...

Mixtures and Alligations Concept

Mixtures and alligations is a specific type of ratio and proportion concept. This Mixture and alligation concept consists of a limited number of concepts...

Time and Distance Concepts

Concepts of time and distance with the conversion of units and their formulas are discussed below. Speed Speed of an object is the distance covered by...

Pipes And Cisterns Concepts

Concepts of pipes and cisterns are explained below with details of the inlet, outlet and also formulas. Pipes are unit connected with a tank or...
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