Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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Concept Of Average

This is a basic concept in arithmetics and it is important to solve many questions asked in various competitive exams that include averages of...

Concept Of Partnership

Here in the concept of partnership, we define partnership as least two people who contribute their cash to carry on a business and share...

Concepts Of Ratio And Proportion

The concepts of ratio and proportion find their applications in problems based on the linear equations, speed & distance, partnership, time & work and...

LCM and HCF Concept

Questions based on LCM and HCF concept are asked independently in most of the competitive exams based on a reminder on dividing....etc.In addition to...
Number System in Maths

Concepts of Number System in Maths

Number System Concepts with Flow Chart in Maths The number system in maths is the basic construct of mathematics. 1 and 2 questions on the...
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